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The Between

Few people enjoy experiencing the Between. Quite often, though, that is where I live. In the Between. Between what? Well, pain and healing, mostly. Pain is a condition universal to man, and I usually have very little control over when … Continue reading

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Porcelain Dolls and Baseball Gloves

Today’s post was born out of a whole lot of past angst. That’s my latest word – angst. I can’t seem to use it enough. I angst gonna eat that. Oh my angst. That outfit is angst. Angst me.  I … Continue reading

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I’ve got a bee in my bonnet. Seriously, I’m wearing a bonnet and there’s a bee in it. All kidding aside, it’s a really big bee. This is why I don’t often wear bonnets. Well, it’s one of the reasons. … Continue reading

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