I’ve got a bee in my bonnet. Seriously, I’m wearing a bonnet and there’s a bee in it. All kidding aside, it’s a really big bee. This is why I don’t often wear bonnets. Well, it’s one of the reasons. Can you imagine if you were wearing a bonnet right now and there was a bee in it? Believe me, it’s scary.

I’ve never been stung by a bee. Ever. I know right now your thinking, “Amy, that’s not true.” It is. Also, I’ve never taunted a bee. I’m very much against bee taunting. Especially when I’m wearing my bonnet. I don’t enjoy being taunted, and I can’t imagine that a bee, already trapped in my bonnet, would enjoy the experience, either.

I know what you’re thinking right now – “Amy, where are you going with this post?” I have no idea.

Eyelash curlers are crazy things. I’ve never used one and have no plans to do so. Why doesn’t the eyelash curler need to be hot, like a curling iron? How does it curl those tiny little eyelash hairs without heat? And why do people curl their eyelashes? And if they do curl them, do they want me to notice? “Hey, I love your eyelashes. They’re really curly.”

Speaking of hair, I love Fall. Football, leaves, cocoa, pumpkins – it’s my most favorite time of year. (Also, the bees go into hibernation, which is nice). I love putting on a sweatshirt (it’s like wearing a hug from my mama), making a Dirty Blonde (coffee with cream, no sugar) and getting into a good book.

Speaking of books, they’re great.

Do you know the most perfect way to eat an Oreo? I’ll tell you, and then you have to go try it. Pour a glass of milk and drop an Oreo into it. Slowly count to 7 (maybe 8 if you’re insane), then fish it out with a fork and put the whole thing in your mouth. You’re welcome.

By the way, this was my favorite Super Bowl Ad:

Did you watch it? You’re lying.

This has been nice. Life doesn’t always need a point, or a moral,  or a nugget of wisdom. Sometimes it’s just nice to don a bonnet and dunk an Oreo.

But I guess I just dropped a nugget, so never mind.

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One Response to Seriously

  1. geremymeriam says:

    Speaking of nuggets, I prefer mine from cfa with Polynesian sauce.

    Hilarious post and flow of consciousness.

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