Many think of themselves as great leaders, but if you asked those they lead you might hear a different story. Many don’t think of themselves as leaders, but they have great leadership potential. And then there are those who recognize their own leadership abilities and are brave enough to learn to lead well.

We all have some ability to lead well – the trick is learning our leadership potential, who we are supposed to be leading, and how to do it with excellence.

Here are some ideas to consider related to leadership:

Great leaders adjust their leadership according to who they are leading. If we try to lead everyone the same way, we make assumptions that may not be true.

– Great leaders are humble servants. Leading out of  position forces people to follow; leading out of servanthood draws people to follow.

Great leaders lead out of their strengths and delegate their weaknesses. When we try to improve our weaknesses, we become weaker leaders and our strengths are not fully utilized.

Great leaders don’t protect their position; they leverage it to reproduce their leadership. Our goal should always be to replace ourselves by training others to lead well.

Great leaders give opportunities to those who aren’t ready for them. We grow most by our experiences and by learning from our failures.

Great leaders produce results. Without results, our leadership days are numbered.

– Great leaders communicate that everyone is important, because everyone is important. People who know they’re important don’t feel like they’re following a leader; they feel like they’re partnering in leadership.

I have been blessed to sit under some great leaders – George Bush, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates, to name a few. Okay, not them. But one leader I have been shaped by is Andy Stanley. Regardless of your religious leanings, you should be listening to Andy’s leadership podcasts if you want to be a great leader. You can subscribe at http://andystanley.com. (No, this isn’t a ploy to get your money. It’s free!)

Also, I was greatly helped with these ideas by John Maxwell’s book, The 5 Levels of Leadership. If you are interested in becoming a better leader, I recommend this book.

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